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Now Offering: Elegant Eyelash Extensions for Every Style!

Enhance Your Beauty with Our Eyelash Extensions: Choose from Classic, Hybrid, Volume, or Mega-Volume Lashes

Total Therapy Massage & Spa is excited to welcome our new service: eyelash extensions! As we continue to expand our offerings, Total Therapy is rapidly becoming your one-stop spa for all your massage, facial, skincare, and eyelash extension needs. Our expert lash artists are ready to enhance your natural beauty with options including Classic, Hybrid, Volume, and Mega-Volume lashes. Visit us today to experience the full range of our luxurious services and discover why Total Therapy is the ultimate destination for your relaxation and beauty needs.

Discover the Magic: Stunning Before and After Transformations!

Experience the captivating transformation that our lash extensions can bring, from elegant to bold styles tailored to your unique beauty. Our expert lash artists offer Classic, Hybrid, Volume, and Mega-Volume options, ensuring a perfect match for your desired look. Witness the remarkable difference in our 9 stunning before and after photos, showcasing how lash extensions can enhance your natural beauty, elevate your confidence, and make your eyes truly stand out. Discover the magic of our lash extensions and let your eyes do the talking!

Embrace Your Beauty: Book Your Lash Extension Appointment Today!

Check out our online booking for our exciting new launch and take advantage of our incredible sales! New lash extension sets starting at just $50 throughout May and June. Book your appointment today! (Warning: Lash envy may occur among friends!)

What to do next? Visit our website, explore our services, and secure your spot for a lash transformation. Don’t miss out on these amazing deals—schedule your appointment now and get ready to flaunt your fabulous new look! Book Now and Subscribe.

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