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Welcome to Our Online Booking!

When you book an online massage appointment time, it is a request. 

 Appointment approval will be answered as soon as possible.

***Please be aware we cannot maximize our therapist schedules with online booking, we may move your appointment

within 15 to 60 minutes of the requested time. We will contact you if a change is needed. Thank you!***


Gift Cards are available in-store and online!...

ONLINE Gift Card purchases right at your finger tips! Create your own gift template for any season!

Give the gift of HEALTH!


If you like to get massages & facials at more affordable prices, take a look at our 3 Pack - Massage/Facial Package Deals!


       Committing to regular massage and facial sessions through Total Therapy's Lifestyle Programs prioritizes your well-being by providing a comprehensive approach to clearing your mind, calming your nerves, and caring for your body and skin, elevating your everyday life and enabling you to thrive in all aspects of your busy lifestyle.


Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri: 9am - 9pm 

Sat: 9am - 5pm

Try our online booking!



Please select 'Request' if you do not want to pre-pay. Thank you!

To submit an online booking please select 'Request'


15% Gratuity is mandatory for your Massage Therapist/Esthetician. Thank you!

Price may vary by service provider. Each providers sale price is listed beside their name.

Sale price fine print located at under our Daily Deals.

Fill out your form now, save time at your appointment!


Cancellation Policy

Total Therapy Massage & Spa requires a 24-hour notice for all cancellations.

We thank you in advance for your courtesy.


Late Cancellations - If a 24-hour notice is not given you will be charged 50% of your appointment cost. 


Missed appointments/No Show - If no notice is given or it is an hour or less before scheduled appointment, you will be charged 100% of your appointment cost.


You may cancel your appointment by PHONE ONLY, (303) 657-4784. If the business does not answer your cancellation call, please leave a detailed voicemail with your name and appointment time that you need to cancel, and we will always confirm that we received your cancellation.


We require you to enter a credit card at the time of booking. Your card will only be charged if you are not in terms with our cancellation policy.






Rescheduling Policy

Total Therapy Massage & Spa requires a 24-hour notice for all cancellations.

We thank you in advance for your courtesy.

At Total Therapy Massage & Spa, we value your time and the dedication of our therapists. To ensure the best experience for everyone, we have established a rescheduling policy that aligns with our cancellation policy. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

General Rescheduling Policy:

24-Hour Notice: We require at least a 24-hour notice to reschedule appointments, similar to our cancellation policy. This helps us manage our therapists' schedules effectively.

Rescheduling Twice: You may reschedule an appointment up to two times. On the third rescheduling request, we will require the full payment of the service in advance. This policy is in place to prevent gaps in our therapists’ schedules.

No Refund After Third Rescheduling: If the third rescheduled appointment needs further rescheduling, no refund will be issued for the prepayment. This ensures that our therapists’ time is respected and allows us to maintain high-quality service.

Groupon Appointments:

One-Time Rescheduling: For appointments booked using a Groupon, we allow one rescheduling. If you need to reschedule more than once, the Groupon will be redeemed as used.

Rescheduling Process:

By Phone Only: Please call (303) 657-4784 to reschedule your appointment. We do not accept rescheduling requests via text, email, or automated reminders.

Voicemail for Unanswered Calls: If you cannot reach us, leave a voicemail with your name, original appointment time, and new preferred time. We will confirm the rescheduling upon receiving your message.

Credit Card Requirement:

As with cancellations, we require a credit card at the time of booking. Your card will only be charged if the rescheduling terms are not met.


Automated Reminders: Please do not reply to text or email reminders from our automated system for rescheduling purposes. These messages are not received, and failure to follow proper channels may result in a missed appointment fee.

Your understanding and adherence to this policy help us provide a seamless and efficient experience for all our clients, while ensuring our therapists can maintain a full and consistent schedule. 


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