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Ashley Matthews headshot.jpg

Ashley Matthews, LE

Esthetician and Lash Expert

Ashley Matthews, Esthetician and Lash Artist at Total Therapy Massage & Spa.

Meet Ashley Matthews, a dedicated esthetician at Total Therapy, boasts over a decade of professional experience in the beauty industry, with a passion for skincare that sparked at the age of 13. Her journey is one of serendipitous encounters and meaningful relationships, underpinned by a steadfast belief in the power of life's unexpected turns to guide her success and fulfillment. Ashley's professional philosophy revolves around the holistic experience, cherishing each step of the journey and prioritizing the creation of memorable and impactful relationships with her clients.

Renowned for her "secret sauce," Ashley combines her extensive expertise with a personal touch and an unwavering commitment to enhancing the customer experience. This approach not only ensures client loyalty but also establishes trust and underscores the depth of her skincare knowledge. Ashley's care extends beyond the surface, fostering personal and professional bonds that amplify the impact of her advice and treatments.

Driven by a mission to educate on skin and whole-body health, Ashley's holistic approach aims to transform lives and reveal the underlying beauty in each individual. Her passion and dedication make her a beacon for positive change in the wellness industry.

When Ashley is away from her skin care space at Total Therapy, she enjoys spending time with her child and her two fur babies.

Joining the team at Total Therapy Massage & Spa, Ashley brings her rich experience, professional prowess, and a vibrant passion for skincare to the forefront. Here, she continues to pursue her life's mission, enriching the spa's community and enhancing the wellbeing of her customers. Ashley Matthews embodies the spirit of discovery and transformation, making her a valued and inspirational member of the Total Therapy family.

We are thrilled to have her fantastic skills apart of our vision here at Total Therapy!

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