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Randi Johnson, LMT

Massage Expert


Randi Johnson, Massage Therapist at Total Therapy Massage & Spa.


Randi's decision to move to Colorado in 2018 was fueled by her passion for Prosthetic and Orthotic fabrication, a field she had been working in for 10 years. However, she decided to pursue a new career path and enrolled in the Colorado School of Healing Arts to study Massage Therapy. Her specialization included deep-tissue, Swedish, sports, hot stone massage, and cupping therapy, giving her a diverse skill set to help others improve their lives and well-being.


Randi's love for working with her hands and her desire to make a positive impact on others led her to choose both Prosthetic and Orthotic fabrication and Massage Therapy as her career paths. She finds joy in using her skills to assist others in their physical well-being and overall health.

When she's not working, Randi indulges in various outdoor activities like hiking, biking, camping, and snowboarding, taking advantage of the beautiful Colorado landscape. She also enjoys practicing yoga and indulging in creative hobbies, allowing her to express her crafty side. Randi leads a well-rounded life, combining her passion for helping others with her love for the outdoors and creativity.


With Randi's passion for helping others, love for the outdoors, and creative interests, she leads a well-rounded life that aligns with her values. Her clients rave about her massages, and scheduling a session with Randi is an opportunity to experience her exceptional skills and find the massage therapist you've been looking for. Get ready to relax and rejuvenate with Randi's expert touch!


We are thrilled to have her fantastic skills apart of our vision here at Total Therapy.

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